Residential Cleaning Service

Are you in need of a professional cleaning service for your home or apartment in the Washington D.C metro area? Get Smart Inc is your reliable cleaning expert and offers same day estimate and service. Estimates are totally free and our residential cleaning service include:


Living Room/Family Room

*Check for cobwebs
*Clean hanging fixtures & vents
*Dust hanging pictures
*Clean lamps
*Dust furniture
*Clean baseboards
*Vacuum carpet/clean hardwood floors


*Check for cobwebs
*Dust Blinds
*Clean hanging fixtures & vents
*Dust furniture
*Change sheets & make beds
*Vacuum carpet/clean hardwood floors


*Wipe cabinets
*Clean counter tops
*Clean appliances
*Clean stove & burners
*Sweep/Mop floors


*Clean mirrors & fixtures
*Clean countertops
*Clean sinks & toilets
*Clean tub & showers
*Remove trash
*Clean Floors

Additional Fees

*Oven Cleanings
*Supplies (Paper Towels, Toilet Tissue, Trash Bags, etc.)
*Cancellations (Same day cancellations accepted. Cancellations 24 hours after is not accepted)